Safety Today

Commit to “Home for the Holidays”

HOUSTON – Beginning this fall, Waste Management will continue its companywide focus on safety through a
new campaign called Home for the Holidays. The objective is simple: make certain that each and every one of
our employees is home safe with his or her family this holiday season.

To promote this, Safety Services is distributing the first installment of a two-part video series to the company’s
frontline operations across North America. Part one focuses on the consequences of safety failures. And while
there are some moments that may be difficult to watch, there’s a strong message about how the thoughts of a
holiday break should never distract anyone from performing their job safely.

“I’m asking you, your employees and staff to watch this video as a team,” said Jeff Martin, vice president of Safety
Services. “Let’s do our part to focus on safety as we close out 2013.”

Part two in this series will be available next month. Watch Part one now.