gets upgraded

New sections, slick design

Houston – To better communicate Waste Management’s sustainable mission, the company has integrated into the company’s main website — Now, serving as a “website within a website,” is filled with numerous tools and features, including:

“The new will be our hub for communicating our environmental messages,” said Lisa Gordon,
director of brand and advertising for Waste Management.

Every month, more than 1.5 million people visit To take advantage of this traffic, and to reduce the hosting
fees that come with owning an additional website, was updated by the company’s IT department and
moved to the platform.

Now, when users visit they’ll see Think Green® featured prominently as a menu option. Once there, they’ll
notice an impressive layout filled with information about the business, including a new section called “How We Think
Green,” which features information written in plain English about the company’s key initiatives, from recycling to waste
conversion to organics.

Going forward, when a user types into their web browser, they will be redirected to this new section.
In addition, users can access the site by visiting green. The old site has been retired.

Go to the new and explore how the company is communicating its environmental message.