Think Green® Green Campus Programs

Energize everyone on campus to make campus life more sustainable.

When transforming your campus into a greener, smarter space, it is vital to win the support of students, faculty and administrators. Waste Management’s Think Green® Campus Model engages the community, focusing on the challenges specific to your campus and student lifestyles. Our dedicated Education Solutions specialists can work with you to create a customized program tailored to your institution’s unique needs.

  • Zero-Waste Events – From recycling and composting containers to vendor partners and communications, you can set the stage for a sustainable commencement, homecoming or other large campus event.
  • Greening Game Day - From the luxury suites to the student section, Waste Management can help you score big points in waste diversion, featuring solar-powered compactors, recycling containers and composting receptacles.
  • Green move in and move out - “Reduce, reuse, and recycle” are messages worth amplifying, especially at each semester’s beginning and end. Rely on Waste Management to put the entire program together for your school, including setting up receptacles, organizing special events, and involving local charitable organizations.
  • Green student living - We can work with you to understand the on-campus habits of your students and create programs to advance environmentally sustainable lifestyles from the dorms to the dining halls and beyond..

Learn more strategies for greening your campus. Download our brochure, "In Pursuit of Zero Waste."