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The Think Green® Campus Model helps everyone develop good sustainability practices.

On today’s college campuses, there’s new urgency to find the most prudent use of your university’s financial resources and align them with your environmental imperative. The following six steps are the framework for our Think Green® Campus Model. This systematic approach is based on best practices derived from our work with other North American universities, as well as a wide cross-section of the businesses and industries Waste Management serves.

1. Establish goals

Overcome “silo syndrome” and set sustainability goals that apply campus-wide rather than only departmentally.

2. Conduct an assessment

Identify which material streams are being consumed and how they’re being disposed.

3. Develop programs

Create a plan for diverting as many materials as possible through recycling, an organics program, material donations and more.

4. Implement

Work cooperatively with students, staff, vendors, facilities personnel and others to create a united effort that draws on best practices in every sphere.

5. Measure and report

Track and document every material that enters and leaves your campus. Report on the effectiveness of implemented programs using our proprietary RADAR tool.

6. Evaluate and improve

Continually enhance programs both operationally and through education training. Set ongoing benchmarks for improvement.

Sustainability Audits and SolutionsTo achieve sustainability, it’s important to find out how you’re doing today and where you need to make improvements.

Comprehensive Waste ProgramsWe work with you to minimize waste, increase diversion, reduce risk and return value to your campus and community.

Recycling ProgramsAcross campus, we can help boost diversion rates and your green image with our easy-to-use recycling programs.

Building Design and ConstructionFrom design to procurement to LEED® certification, we can help you build resource efficiencies into your facilities.

Organic RecyclingLower collection costs and divert more waste by recycling your organics.

Think Green® Campus ProgramsWaste Management can help you inspire, energize, and connect everyone on campus to the cause of sustainability.

Measuring and ReportingWe can measure and report the materials that enter and exit your campus to better manage and track your diversion progress.

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