Organic Recycling

Lower collection costs and divert more waste by recycling your organics.

Implementing a campus-wide composting program is a vital part of advancing your sustainability efforts. Composting not only reduces the volume of materials your campus sends to landfills, it can also help reduce carbon emissions and energy use. Campus-generated compost can benefit local agriculture and beautify your own green spaces.

Food Waste

At many campuses, a huge portion of food waste goes to landfills. By collecting and composting these organic materials, we’re not only able to divert the waste from landfills, we can also turn it into rich compost that returns nutrients to the soil.

Grass, Leaves and Limbs

High-volume organic materials can benefit your campus environmentally and economically. Leaves, grass, trimmings, limbs and branches can be turned into valuable compost to benefit the local community or campus grounds while reducing collection costs.

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