Sustainability Audits and Solutions

Assess the environmental impact of your campus and set benchmarks for improvement.

Let Waste Management identify where your campus can make a change for the greener. In our comprehensive sustainability audit, we’ll start by looking for opportunities in your buildings, dorms, cafeterias, athletic facilities and offices, and on your grounds. As part of our Think Green® Campus Model, we’ll tailor a sustainability plan to your exact needs.

In the plan, we will:

  • Present approaches to reducing energy and water usage
  • Analyze your campus’s carbon footprint and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Set forth waste-minimization programs, with zero waste as a potential goal

In addition, we can offer:

  • Guidance for earning LEED® credits
  • Gap analysis to let you know what is still needed to attain LEED certification
  • Green procurement policies to help you purchase recycled products that can be further recycled into new products

Learn more strategies for greening your campus. Download our brochure, "In Pursuit of Zero Waste."