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Your path to campus sustainability starts here.

With smart initiatives like our Think Green® Campus Model, Waste Management is helping colleges and universities achieve a higher level of environmental performance. Our dedicated team of education sustainability experts works with you to enhance your campus’s current green efforts and encourage everyone on campus to think differently about the materials they use.

The Think Green® Campus ModelFrom dining halls to dorms to athletic facilities, and from move-in to move-out day, we can help you make a change for the greener – and engage the entire campus in the effort.

Explore the Think Green® Campus MapWhere is your campus on the path to sustainability? Chart your path to zero waste with our new interactive campus map.

Case StudiesSee how we're creating sustainable solutions at other institutions of higher education.

Let’s talk.Learn more about how our Think Green® Campus Model can work for your campus and download our brochure "In Pursuit of Zero Waste."