Lodging Solutions

Together, we can assess your operations, build integrated environmental services that add value to your property holdings, and support these efforts with accurate and timely data tracking and reporting.

At Waste Management, we have the resources, capabilities, and dedication to deliver on your green initiatives, your service expectations, and your legal compliance  requirements to your complete satisfaction every single day.

  • Waste Pickup: Customized waste collection and hauling programs
  • Recycling:  Composting, recycling and other green services
  • Universal Waste Mail-Back Recycling: Return-by-mail kits for items like batteries and CFL bulbs that require special handling
  • E-Cycling: Reclaiming valuable resources, keeping them out of landfills
  • Syringe Return Service: Safe, easy-to-use medical waste disposal-by-mail
  • Solar Powered Trash Compactor: Potentially reduces community trash collections by up to 80%
  • Compactor Monitoring: Wireless monitoring saves money and CO2 emissions by reducing pickups
  • Security Services: Advanced security technology and monitoring solutions

Case Studies: See how we’ve put our expertise, resources and sustainable solutions to work for businesses like yours