Commercial Property

As a commercial property owner or manager, you can depend on Waste Management for help achieving your green program goals.


We will designate a sustainability expert, who will serve as your single point of contact, to marshal the resources necessary to deliver service excellence consistently, whether from site to site or across the country.

Together, we can assess your operations, build integrated environmental services that 
add value to your property holdings and support these efforts with accurate and timely data tracking and reporting. At Waste Management, we have the resources, capabilities and dedication to deliver on your green initiatives, your service expectations and your legal compliance requirements to your complete satisfaction every single day.

From customized waste collection and hauling programs, integrated green services and safe medical waste disposal, to our advanced security and technology solutions, our expertise, resources and sustainable solutions are built to support your business’s green initiatives.

Our durable Bagster® Dumpster in a Bag® containers help you coordinate seamless tenant move-in and move-out schedules, while our recycling services dispose of materials like batteries and CFL bulbs that require special handling.

Solutions like our return-by-mail programs that ensure safe disposal of materials that require special handling, like batteries, CFL bulbs and medical waste, make your guests feel clean, safe and right at home.

Choose from clean, convenient sanitation services from portable toilet rentals, customized waste collection and hauling programs, to Greenopolis Recycling stations that keep fans focused on fun, not mess.

Give your business an energy boost with our SmartEnergy Compactor that provides powerful compaction performance with as much as 70% energy savings compared to traditional compactors.

Waste Management works with all types of businesses and organizations. See how our services have helped maximize resources and minimize environmental impact for our clients.


For large-scale organizations with a national scope, find out more about environmental solutions from Waste Management’s Strategic Accounts program.

Set up waste service for your property today, or contact us to speak with our commercial property specialists to find out more about our services.


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