SmartEnergy Compactor

Give your business an energy boost.

Waste Management’s SmartEnergySM Compactor delivers energy savings.

  • It can reduce electricity consumption by as much as 70% compared to traditional compactors.
  • It provides equal compaction performance and cycle times compared to traditional compactors.
  • Each compactor is factory-equipped Waste Management’s Compactor Monitoring Service.
  • The SmartEnergy Compactor’s electronic controls are powered by solar energy, provided by Big Belly™ Solar, while the compactor cycle is traditionally powered.
  • The SmartEnergy Compactor has a “two-speed” system that “downshifts” when it needs more compression, resulting in lower energy usage than a traditional one-speed system.
  • The charge box fullness indicator encourages users to run cycles only when needed, reducing your company’s electricity usage and carbon footprint.
  • The SmartEnergy compactor is a visible statement to your stakeholders about your commitment to sustainability.