Together, we can create comprehensive recycling programs that are easier to use, to help you recover more material and retain more value.

Many forward-thinking companies are integrating recycling programs throughout their supply chains, and most are thinking about how to manage their waste materials – which are now seen as an increasingly valuable resource – in the best way possible. Waste Management is uniquely positioned to bring this value-generating opportunity to the Federal sector with scalable, professional recycling solutions.

Waste Management currently owns and operates nearly 120 recycling facilities that extract value from many waste streams. In addition:

  • We operate the largest fleet of single-stream plants in North America, each designed to separate collected material into valuable feedstocks for the world's economy.
  • Our C&D facilities recover valuable commodities such as wood and concrete from construction waste.
  • We offer a large number of organics recycling facilities, enabling us to process carbon-based materials into valuable products such as wood chips, compost, biofuels, etc.
  • We operate electronics and fluorescent lightbulb recycling facilities throughout the country.

    Our goal is to find beneficial end uses for even your most challenging recyclable materials. Also, these facilities supply green jobs and provide our nation’s economy with valuable feedstock materials.