Hazardous Waste Remediation Services

The industry’s leading service, combined with an excellent indemnification package, gives you peace of mind you can’t find elsewhere.

Hazardous wastes require handling and disposal by proven experts. Waste Management has an exemplary record in safety, reliability and technical sophistication. This record allows us to offer generators of hazardous waste a superior indemnification package, coupled with the economies of scale that come from working with North America's leading provider of comprehensive waste management services.

Waste Management is currently operating five state-of-the-art facilities specially designed and permitted for hazardous waste processing and secure landfill disposal:

Waste Management employs a variety of processes for the proper handling and disposal of hazardous waste. These include:

  • Microencapsulation
  • Macroencapsulation
  • Bioremediation
  • Stabilization
  • Aqueous treatment
  • PCB disposal
  • Drum management services