GreenOps Tracking Stations

Waste Management helps you add value to your stores while bringing your customers an exciting new way to recycle.

Our GreenOps Recycling Kiosks not only help your customers recycle easily, they actually reward them for recycling – all while bolstering your environmental programs. These machines will encourage your customers to bring their recyclable containers to a strategic location in your store where they can redeem aluminum cans, plastic bottles and other material for rewards such as discounts on products in your store.

How it works is simple:

  • Consumers take their recyclables to the kiosk
  • Scan the UPC code
  • Deposit the container
  • Get a receipt with a discount for a participating product

Over time, these machines will add value to your stores by reinforcing your brand’s green image, while helping you form or strengthen partnership opportunities with like-minded brands.