Grocery Store/Chain Solutions

Whether you operate the corner grocery or a national network of superstores, Waste Management can help you boost profitability, enhance your green image and minimize regulatory risk by making environmental practices an integral part of your daily operations.

Our award-winning sustainability experts work with you to develop and implement business practices that optimize efficiencies, simplify supply-chain management and create new opportunities for recycling and beneficial reuse of materials.

Comprehensive services, customized at the store level.

As North America’s leading environmental solutions company, only Waste Management has the industry expertise and service infrastructure to ensure environmental performance and regulatory compliance at every level of your operations – and across every category of waste.

We work with you and your staff to determine where every piece of waste goes, what life it will have, and what role it serves in attaining your sustainability goals.

The ultimate outcome: A sustainable eco-roadmap for your organization that guides profitable growth through proven environmental practices.

Sustainability ServicesWhen it comes to attaining tangible, sustainable results, forward-thinking grocery stores and chains rely on Waste Management as their one-stop-shop for environmental solutions.

Organics RecyclingThe grocery industry turns to Waste Management for sustainable solutions that save money and produce environmentally positive results. Our Organics Recycling program is a naturally efficient disposal alternative that can benefit your company, your community and the environment.

Single Stream RecyclingWaste Management helps boost your stores’ diversion rates and green image with easier-to-use recycling programs.

C&D RecyclingWhen it’s time to remodel or renovate one store or one hundred, Waste Management can help you recoup a portion of your costs with smart C&D materials recycling.

Medical Waste SolutionsEvery day, customers self-inject medications inside your grocery stores. We can help your locations stay safe, every step of the way.

Electronics RecyclingWaste Management will help your chain recycle its electronics conveniently, cost-effectively and responsibly.

On-Demand DisposalFrom remodeling and renovations to special events, when your stores generate more debris than normal, look to Waste Management to create a system-wide solution that delivers on schedule.

Universal Waste SolutionsWaste Management works with you to create custom-built, convenient and cost-effective solutions for recycling universal waste.

Compactor SolutionsWaste Management’s compactor solutions can help your stores save up to 50% on hauling costs, save up to 70% on energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint

Security ServicesWaste Management offers your stores and facilities the comprehensive security services and technology we rely on to protect our own assets.

Materials MarketingWaste Management can help you get the most value in return for your recyclable materials.

Case StudiesLearn how Waste Management helped one grocery chain achieve their sustainability goals.

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