Universal Waste Solutions

Waste Management works with you to create custom-built, convenient and cost-effective solutions for recycling universal waste.

Keep your restaurants, your company and the communities you serve safe and in compliance with our unique programs for recycling fluorescent tubes, ballasts, batteries, mercury-containing devices, electronics and other universal waste. Available in mail-back for small, restaurant-sized quantities or pallet-load for warehouse or distribution center quantities, these solutions help you minimize the risks that these materials pose to your employees, your business and the environment.

Our postage-paid recycling kits keep your restaurants compliant with both federal and state regulations during collection, storage and shipment. You’ll also receive complete online documentation of every container ordered and recycled.

With our recycling kits, you get:

  • Options for recycling batteries, electronics, mercury-containing devices and more
  • Compliance with federal and state regulations
  • Postage-paid container, with carbon-neutral shipping