Solid Waste Hauling

Waste Management delivers a customized waste pickup plan that revolves around your retail outlets.

Retailers like you have to be ultra nimble and frugal to compete. But what’s the value of all the materials you’re currently throwing away? At Waste Management, we work with you to recover valuable resources and minimize, or even eliminate, waste — all of which can lead to substantial cost savings.

From product conception to storefront display — we’ll help root out savings opportunities and convert them to bottom-line growth. It’s all part of our Total Managed Program (TMP):

  • You’ll have matchless buying power for waste and recycling services from our network of more than 5,500 preferred vendors nationwide.
  • Our dedicated retail specialists are at your service - even at your sites - to maximize waste diversion rates and increase your efficiency and profitability. And, to keep you informed of your progress on each of your sustainability goals, we will send you comprehensive quarterly reports.
  • Reliable analytics and reporting gives you tangible and transparent ways to track your environmental performance across your entire portfolio, enabling you to control costs, assess trends and make accurate forecasts.
  • Our experts can assess your specific waste removal and recycling requirements for full-service optimfization - saving you money and reducing vehicle emissions.