Security Services

Waste Management offers advanced security and surveillance technology to protect your healthcare organization’s people and property.

Clinics, hospitals, and healthcare systems require unique solutions that are comprehensive to meet specific requirements. Healthcare facilities need to protect assets, employees, and patients. Common challenges are often access control, safety, theft, and compliance. Healthcare facilities often have traffic in and out 24/7/365 and this open environment can leave the facility susceptible to criminal activity at anytime - therefore the security system in place needs to be comprehensive to meet the needs of the facility. No matter the size or layout of the healthcare facility, the security team at Waste Management can help tailor a unique integrated security solution that will fit the needs of the facility.

Today, Waste Management Security Services protects more than 2,000 facilities and $25 billion in assets for ourselves and our clients.   

Working together, we can tailor a security program for your healthcare facility with services that include:

  • Access control
  • Patient Security
  • Employee Security
  • Disposal monitoring to help with sustainability goals
  • Fire and burglary monitoring
  • Video monitoring
  • Video verification
  • Environmental condition and temperature monitoring
  • Mobile surveillance systems


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