Pharmaceutical Solutions for Hospitals

Your hospital pharmacy stocks thousands of pharmaceutical products, and a percentage of them are subject to federal and state regulation as hazardous wastes.

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Failure to properly identify, manage, and dispose of these wastes can endanger your community, harm your reputation and result in substantial penalties for your facility. 

Managing pharmaceutical waste in a hospital setting is a complex but necessary task. That’s why it is imperative to find efficiencies that balance business goals with the highest standards of safety and compliance. Rely on Waste Management, the nation’s leading provider of environmental services, to guide you through this process.

Through Waste Management PharmEcology® Services, we are working to help hospitals become more efficient, more environmentally responsible and more profitable. We offer a suite of services designed to do just that.

PharmE® Inventory Analysis

Do you know the hazardous waste classification of every pharmaceutical product you carry? With our proprietary Inventory Analysis, you can have a complete analysis of your entire pharmaceutical inventory at your fingertips within days.

PharmE® Waste Wizard®

Are you maintaining your waste classifications as new products are purchased? Use our patented Waste Wizard to search our online database of more than 170,000 pharmaceutical products. Search by NDC number, product name, generic name or ingredient.  

PharmE® On-Site Risk Assessment and Implementation Process 

How can you improve your current pharmaceutical waste management practices to comply with federal and state environmental regulations? Take advantage of our On-Site Risk Assessment. We’ll carefully evaluate your facility and create a cost-effective action plan that guides you toward compliance.

PharmE® Policies and Procedures

Our easy-to-use templates are tailored to help you adopt the industry’s best practices for managing pharmaceutical waste. Each template can be easily customized and integrated into your hazardous materials and waste management plan, helping you develop and implement improvements quickly. 

PharmE® Computer-based Training 

Our training curriculum includes modules designed to meet the needs of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Environmental Services. 

Transport and Treatment

For environmentally responsible collection, transport, treatment and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste, rely on Waste Management, the nation’s largest environmental services provider. We operate 16 waste-to-energy facilities, and work with an extensive network of hazardous waste service companies and treatment facilities. 

Services are provided by PharmEcology Services, WM Healthcare Solutions, Inc., a Waste Management company