Comprehensive Waste Programs

From everyday collection to high-tech compactors, we help you make the most of your materials.

As North America’s leading provider of comprehensive waste management services, Waste Management has the expertise and infrastructure to help you manage your materials in ways that help you balance your economic and environmental goals.

Dependable, On-Time Pickups

With the industry’s largest selection of bins, dumpsters and compactors, we’ll devise a plan that is completely customized to your school or district. In most areas, your scheduled pickup is integrated with our landfill disposal services, helping control costs and furthering regulatory compliance.

Safe Drivers and Waste Watch

Our collection vehicles are manned by highly trained professional drivers and backed by courteous customer service staff who are ready to respond to your needs. Through our Waste Watch program, we partner with local fire and law enforcement agencies to serve as extra eyes and ears around your schools.

Bulk Waste

Larger unwanted items such as furniture and appliances require special handling. Working with you, we’ll develop a disposal plan that integrates recycling, where possible, and keeps bulky waste from piling up around campus.

Yard Waste

Grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs and other yard wastes are valuable resources when properly managed. We work with you to dispose of and recycle these kinds of organic materials.

Compactor Monitoring

Using the most innovative technology, we’ll work with you to optimize your compactor hauls and adjust schedules for holidays and special events. Wireless monitoring saves money and CO2 emissions by reducing waste pickups. Our SmartEnergysm Compactors can also reduce electricity consumption by as much as 70% compared with traditional compactors.

On-Demand Disposal

Waste Management has a variety of on-demand disposal solutions, including dumpsters and Bagster® Dumpster in a Bag® bags, to help your school or district manage debris removal and disposal on an as-needed basis.

Solar-Powered Trash Compactors

Harnessing energy from the sun, our high-tech all-weather machines routinely compact their contents, allowing for decreased collections and related fuel and manpower costs. A companion recycling unit is also available, and both can be branded to display school logos or advertising messages.

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