School and Sponsored Event Waste Services

Make your food service operations greener at school and sponsored events with Waste Management.

Whether you need help training your cafeteria crew on proper recycling procedures, or need assistance managing health and waste compliance issues, we bring best practices to your school each and every time. Add the benefit of minimizing waste and improving efficiencies and you’ve got a winning combination!

Organics Recycling

Don’t just toss out spoiled or unwanted food. Put it to work for the environment with an organics recycling program at your school. Organics recycling can help reduce your solid waste collection costs throughout the year. Divert more waste from landfills by putting your cafeteria waste to good use as compost or energy when you partner with Waste Management.

Green Event Services

From school fairs to sporting events, Waste Management is here to pick up what your crowd leaves behind. Let us help you create an eco-friendly event with things like temporary recycle bins, recycling kiosks, solar-powered compactors and more. When everything's said and done, we’ll recycle or compost organic waste and keep more trash out of landfills.