K-12 Solutions

Smart solutions for your educational environment.

The economic and environmental needs of your school or district are as unique as the students and communities you serve. Waste Management offers a full range of customizable waste and recycling solutions that address the complexities of your individual campus environment. From sustainability audits to everyday waste collection, we partner with you to find the smartest ways to help you minimize waste and costs.

Comprehensive Waste ProgramsCampus-wide waste-stream management for all your materials.

Recycling ProgramsComprehensive programs, including eCycling and organics.

Sustainability Audits and SolutionsBenchmark your materials, energy and water consumption.

Construction ProgramsMinimize waste and expense through every construction phase.

Food and Green-Event ServicesGreen up your cafeteria, sporting events and school fairs.

Green Education ProgramsEducate, engage and encourage people to practice green behaviors at every level.

Let's talk.Our education experts are ready with solutions.

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