Sustainability Audits and Solutions

Our four-step Green Campus Model promotes school-wide sustainability.

Let Waste Management reveal where your school or district can make a change for the greener. In our comprehensive audit, we’ll start by looking for opportunities in your buildings, cafeterias, athletic facilities, offices, and on your grounds. Then we’ll tailor a sustainability plan to your exact needs.

In the plan, we will:

  • Present approaches to reducing energy and water usage
  • Analyze your current carbon footprint and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Set forth waste-minimization programs, with zero waste as a potential goal

In addition, we can offer:

  • Guidance for earning LEED® credits
  • Gap analysis to let you know what’s still needed to attain LEED certification
  • Green procurement policies to help you purchase recycled products that can be further recycled into new products   

Let’s talk.Our education experts are ready with solutions

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