Transfer Stations

Save time and money with transfer stations from Waste Management.

What is a transfer station?

Transfer stations reduce the cost of transporting waste to distant dumps and landfills by serving as convenient hubs that manage your community’s waste. At the transfer station, waste is consolidated and transferred to large, long-distance trucks for delivery to disposal facilities.

Dump and landfill alternatives

Transfer stations are an affordable, environmentally-sound way to handle collected waste for communities that do not have convenient access to a dump or landfill. A Waste Management transfer station is the perfect solution to help you safely and easily dispose of your community’s waste.

Our transfer stations help reduce the cost of transporting waste to distant disposal facilities, directly benefiting your municipal budget.

What can I dispose of at a transfer station?

Transfer Stations act as landfills or dumps, so anything that you might ordinarily bring to a dump or landfill, you can take to a Transfer Station.

Can I recycle at a Transfer Station?

Yes! Recycle your goods with Waste Management at many of our transfer stations. We will sort and prepare regularly recyclable items, including:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • ...Other recyclables

Many of our transfer stations also serve as recycling centers where cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, aluminum and other recyclables are sorted and prepared for markets worldwide.