Residential Solutions

A livable neighborhood starts with a clean, safe and healthy environment.

As your community partner, Waste Management provides your residents with the vital, everyday services they need, cost-efficiently. At the same time, we’ll be helping your municipality move closer to environmental sustainability.


THE GREEN TEAM is a group of highly trained and experienced drivers and technicians whose sole function is to assist the Company in maintaining a high level of customer service in the collection and disposal of waste during periods where additional resources are needed, such as natural and national disasters, special events and other extraordinary circumstances

Waste Pickup Customized waste collection & hauling program for residents

Curbside Recycling Pickup Making it easier for your residents to recycle

Yard Waste Pickup for grass clippings, leaves & limbs

Food Waste Transforming leftovers into compost & renewable energy

Portable Storage Solutions Bringing your residents convenient, portable storage

On-Demand Disposal Options including dumpsters & Bagster® Dumpster in a Bag®

Electronics Recycling Keeping potentially harmful materials out of the trash

Universal Waste Mail-Back Recycling Return-by-mail kits for items that require special handling

Bulk Waste Pickup Helps dispose of items too big for regular pickup container

Household Hazardous Waste Safe pickup, treatment of household toxic materials

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