On-Demand Disposal

Waste Management has a variety of on-demand disposal solutions, including dumpsters and Bagster® Dumpster in a Bag®, to help residents, municipalities and small businesses dispose of debris from construction, renovation and disaster-recovery projects.

Large Project Solutions

For larger projects, your residents can choose from many container sizes at Dumpster.com.

They can order in just a few clicks, and we’ll have it at the site on their schedule. When they’re done, we’ll pick it up quickly and get it out of the way.

See the sizes available to your residents at www.dumpster.com

Small or Remote Project Solutions

At TheBagster.com, residents can find an ideal solution for smaller jobs or those in remote areas.The Bagster® bag is a heavy-duty bag that can hold up to 3,300 lb of waste and construction debris.

It’s perfect for small-scale renovations and remodeling, home and garage cleanup, or concrete and stonework.

1. Buy.  Your residents buy the Bagster bag at a local home improvement store.

It comes in a compact package, so it’s easy to carry and set up. Your residents can buy as many as they need and fill them up with waste from their projects.

2. Fill.  Fill the Bagster bag with up to 3,300 pounds of debris or waste.

Since the Bagster bag is your residents to use whenever they want, they don't have to wait for a dumpster to be delivered to start their project or be tied to a rental time period.

3. Gone.  Your residents schedule collection online or by phone.

When your residents are done, they simply go to TheBagster.com or call 1-877-789-BAGS (2247) to schedule and pay for a pickup.