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Butterfield Station Landfill offers waste disposal services for the following:

  • Asbestos-friable
  • Butterfield Station Landfill
  • Asbestos-non-friable
  • Auto shredder fluff
  • Biosolids
  • Construction & demolition debris
  • Drum management-liquids
  • Drum management-solids
  • Industrial & special waste
  • Solidification services
  • Municipal solid waste
  • Rail spur
  • Yard waste

Acceptable Waste
Municipal solid waste, construction & demolition debris, special wastes, industrial process wastes, asbestos (friable and non-friable), non-hazardous sludges, green waste, non-hazardous liquids

Unacceptable Waste
RCRA hazardous, radioactive, explosives, tires, lead acid batteries, appliances containing refrigerant

Location Information
40404 S. 99th Ave.
Mobile, AZ 85239 Map It
(91st Ave, off SR 238)
Industrial Sales: (602) 437-3165

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 5:30am - 3pm