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Residential Services

Disposal Services
Waste Management of Arizona (WMAZ) provides automated trash pick-up and disposal services for thousands of homes throughout the state.

Recycling Services
WMAZ offers residential recycling services in many areas throughout the state. In most areas, we use a two-day system, collecting trash one day a week and recyclables on another day.

What is Automated Service?
Automated service utilizes a truck equipped with a mechanical arm that lifts your trash and recycling containers from the street and empties the container’s contents into the truck—the driver never has to leave the cab. This system has several Toterbenefits for our customers and the environment:

  • It is more convenient for customers and drivers.
  • The uniform appearance of the containers helps by keeping neighborhoods looking neat.
  • The mechanical arm on the truck reduces the chance for spills, keeping your streets cleaner.
  • Since the trash bins have wheels, safety conditions are improved because our customers and drivers do not have to lift them.

Think Green From Home
Box up and mail your personal compact fluorescent lights, batteries, and electronics from the comfort of your own home.

WMAZ Residential Terms & Conditions