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Multi-Family FAQ

Q: How do I choose the correct size of containers?
A: The cart, bin, or roll-off sizes you choose should depend on the volume of waste you and/or your residents generate. To determine the best sizes for your property, please consider the following:

  • Number of apartment units and residents
  • The type of waste your complex generates (Less garbage? More recyclables? More yard waste?)
  • Your and your residents’ commitment to recycling

Q: How can I reduce my bill?
A: The most effective way to reduce your bill is by using your recycling service to its full potential. Remember, the less you throw in the garbage, the smaller the garbage container size you will need, and the less you will pay! However, please ensure the container sizes you select are adequate to meet your needs. Overfilling, exceeding the weight limits, or contaminating your recyclables or yard waste containers with garbage will result in non-collection of your containers.

Q: How can I pay my bill?
A. Waste Management offers several convenient and easy to use payment options. Customers can pay their bills online, in person at a Waste Management Pay Station, or by mail to PO Box 78251, Phoenix, AZ 85062.

Q: Is recycling service free?
A: Cart customers will receive their choice of (1) 64g or (1) 96g recyclables cart for every garbage cart serviced free of charge. Bin customers will receive up to one-half of the customer's subscribed garbage capacity in recyclables capacity free of charge. Customers may increase their recyclables capacity for a fee.

Q: Can I receive yard waste service?
A: Yes, multi-family complex customers may subscribe to yard waste service for a fee.

Q: Do I have to have garbage service?
A: Yes, Monterey County Code requires every resident and business to subscribe to garbage collection service.

Q: What materials are accepted for recycling?
A: Accepted items for recycling include: All clean paper, corrugated cardboard, brown bags and paper, paperboard, paper egg cartons, telephone books and magazines, clear and colored glass containers, aluminum foil and beverage containers, scrap steel and aluminum metals (not exceeding 40 pounds in weight nor 2 feet in any dimension for any single item); steel including, ”tin” cans, aerosol cans (empty, non-toxic products), bimetal containers, all plastics (#1-7). Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is not accepted. Click here for a list of items accepted for recycling, tips and instructions on how to recycle/ecycle.

Q: Can I recycle batteries?
A: Yes, please place household AAA, AA, B, C, D and small button batteries in a clear, sealed bag taped to the top of your blue recyclables cart for collection. Car batteries are not accepted.

Q: Can we place food scraps in the recyclables or yard waste containers?
A: No, your containers are only for recyclables or for yard waste. Please click here for a full list of accepted items. Discover the ease of composting and enrich your garden. Waste Management offers at-cost compost bins and provides composting instructions, hands-on demonstrations and troubleshooting tips. Call (800) 321-8226 for more information.

Q: What should I do if my container was not picked up?
A: Please ensure your containers are set out for collection by 6:00am on your collection day. If your containers are not collected, please call (800) 321-8226. If your missed collection is reported by 3:00pm, Waste Management will return to collect your containers by the end of the day. Please note that, if your missed collection is reported after 3:00pm, Waste Management will return to collect your containers by the end of the following day.

Improper use of containers, including overfilling, exceeding container weight limits, or contaminating recyclables or yard waste containers with garbage may result in non-collection of containers. In such instances, Waste Management staff will place a notice on the containers explaining the reason for non-collection and providing instructions on proper disposal procedures.

Q: How do I dispose of bulky items?
A: Beginning November 1, 2010, each multi-family complex will receive one (1) free on-call collection service per calendar year. Individual multi-family complex residents interested in taking advantage of this free service should request their property owner/manager to schedule an on-call service. Property owners/managers may call (800) 321-8226 to schedule on-call service for the entire complex on the next regular collection day. Then place the following accepted material within three (3) feet of your regularly serviced garbage and recyclables containers:

Bulky Items (e.g. mattresses)-up to three (3) cubic yards per occupied unit

Universal Waste (except fluorescent tubes), electronics waste, and CED’s-up to one-half (0.5) cubic yards per dwelling unit. Please place in bags, boxes or containers. Click here for a list of Universal Waste Tires—up to two (2) car tires per occupied unit

To learn more about on-call collection service, click here.

Q: Where can I learn more about new services?
A: You can learn more by calling (866) 684-3138.