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FAQ’s – City of Carlsbad Service Day Changes

Why is Waste Management making this change?

To provide the best service possible, we need to adapt our service schedule from time to time, based on community needs. The schedule change will allow us to streamline our operations in areas where new homes have been built recently and better serve all the residents of Carlsbad.

Does the day change affect my trash, recycling and green waste collection?

The change in your service day affects all your services, including trash, recycling and green waste carts.  Please continue to have your carts out for service by 7:00 AM for collection.

When do I start putting my carts out on our new service day?

The week of March 31 – April 4, will be the last week Waste Management collects your trash, recycling and green waste carts in your neighborhood on your old service day.  We will begin servicing your carts on your new service day beginning the week of April 7th.  For example if your new service day is Monday, begin placing your carts out for collection on Monday, April 7th.  If your new service day is Tuesday, begin placing your carts out on Tuesday April 8th, etc.  

What happens if I forget to place our carts out for collection on our new day?

As a courtesy Waste Management will make a pass through your neighborhood on your former service day the week of April 7th to ensure you receive service.  After that we will only collect your trash, recycling and green waste on your new service day.

I don’t remember what my new service day is, where can I find this out?

On the front of this cart tag at the bottom of the page you will find your new service day listed.  You may also visit Waste Management’s website on the Carlsbad Residential section to view the changes.  Simply find the first letter of your street and click on it.  Your street will be listed in alphabetical order and your new service day will be listed beside it.  Waste Management’s website is