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Waste Management understands the importance of living up to the community’s expectations and delivering consistent service on a daily basis.  We bring added value to Oceanside by offering innovative programs and services that are specifically focused on further reducing the volume of waste that must be trucked to landfills.  By encouraging reuse and recycling, diminishing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment, Waste Management acts as a true partner in helping Oceanside achieve their sustainability goals.

Select the type of service you need more information about from the list below. Effective March 1, 2013 payments will not be accepted at our Carlsbad and Oceanside offices (more information).

For additional help, to order service or to rent equipment, please contact Waste Management of North County/Coast Waste Management customer service at 1(800) DUMPSTER or (760) 439-2824, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Residential Bulk Item Clean Up Weeks

July 11 - 15                 Single Family
July 18 - 22                 Multi-Family

October 17 - 28           Single Family
October 24 - 28           Multi-Family

During the month of May, when single family and multi-family residents call in for one bulk item collection it will not count against their three free collections per year. Also, the bulk items we collect curbside will be diverted through Goodwill Industries for potential reuse or recycling before going to the landfill.

Residential Cart Service

All residents are provided carts - gray for trash, blue for recycling and green for yard waste collections to simplify recycling efforts. Automated carts come in 35-, 64-, and 96-gallon sizes to accomodate you family's needs. Standard service includes one 35-gallon waste cart, up to three recycling carts, and up to two green waste carts. Recycling carts and green waste carts are available in all three sizes at no additional cost.

Residents may choose to increase their waste cart to a 64- or 96-gallon cart for an additional fee. Your monthly service rate is based on the amount of waste generated. Residents who generate less benefit from a reduced monthly rate.

Automated Collection Program Video

Click here to view a 7-minute video on the new Automated Collection Program.

Temporary dumpster/bin rentals, waste removal, trash collection and construction/industrial recycling

(866) 967-3292 or