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Electronics Recycling

When your electronics reach the end of their useful life with you, we have safe, convenient ways to help you recycle them.

Why Recycle E-waste?

Many electronics contain materials like lead or mercury. If they are not disposed of properly, these materials end up in third world countries or emerging markets that cannot properly handle the de-manufacturing of these components. This may be harmful to the population or environment in those places.

By allowing Waste Management to safely process your electronics waste, industries can reclaim and reuse the valuable metals they contain.

Electronics are big and bulky and do not break down once they are dumped into a landfill. We can conserve valuable landfill space by placing these items into a system where the materials can be reclaimed and placed back into the recycling stream.

Why Choose Waste Management?

It is crucial that electronics get processed in a safe, environmentally sound way. Waste Management stands out from its competitors because we have taken several proactive steps to ensure this happens. Our 48th street ewaste facility has all of the following certifications and our two Loveland facilities are in the process of obtaining them:

  1. Quality ISO 9001:2008 Certified: This is a voluntary certification that focuses on Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement. This program is audited to ensure compliance.
  2. Environmental ISO 14001:2004 Certified: This is another voluntary certification that is centered around a commitment to pollution prevention. This program also requires recording and periodic audits.
  3. Our e-waste facilities hold the prestigious e-Stewards certifications, which is both a national and international standard for electronics recyclers.
  4. R2:2008 and RIOS:2006 Certified. R2 is a recycling industry standard for electronics recyclers.

How much does it cost?

Some electronics cost money to process, while others may be worth a rebate. Items like TVs or old CRT computers must be handled very carefully since they contain dangerous materials. Other valuable electronics like many laptops, cell phones, blackberries, and navigation devices can be refurbished instead of broken down. In that case, you may be entitled to a rebate. A WM representative can provide you with a customized quote offering the best possible pricing or rebates. contact for more information.

Take-Back Events

Waste Management can help businesses, cities, and other civic organizations develop community E-waste take-back events. We will work with you on event logistics, transportation, and communication strategies. For an event quote, contact for more information.

We also offer the Cartridges for Kids program, which is designed for schools and charitable organizations to hold smaller collection events to earn cash.