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Green Schools

Think Green In the Classroom

  • Think Green Teacher Resources: Inspiring K-12 lesson plans, tips, discussion ideas, worksheets and activities will expand students’ understanding of issues related to recycling and natural resource recovery.
  • Earth Day Ideas: With everything from arts & crafts to educational tools focused on taking action against climate change, these resources can help make this year's the greenest Earth Day ever!
  • Curriculum & Activities from EPA: These tools, project ideas, games, and activities are adaptable for students of all ages. RecycleBowl Education Activities. Students can learn about recycling and waste management through downloadable activities.

Think Green at School

These organizations are dedicated to providing tools, ideas, assistance and recognition in green school initiatives.


Where does my garbage go?

In the Pacific Northwest, most of our garbage goes to landfills where it is safely contained. Everything you put in a garbage can will end up in a landfill.

Our landfills are designed and operated under highly regulated guidelines. Each facility employs stringent environmental controls to meet or exceed federal, state and local regulations, and to provide maximum protection for surface and ground water.

Once landfills reach their capacity, they are capped. Over time, the waste inside the landfill breaks down, causing the land to settle. Because of this, structures are generally not built on top of closed landfills. Closed landfills often become parks or wildlife habitat.