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Educational Partnerships

Waste Management recognizes that children are the stakeholders of our future, so it is important that we teach them how to be good environmental stewards and caretakers of the health and cleanliness of our communities. It’s our responsibility to teach children how to think clean and think green!
Waste Management of New Jersey implements and sponsors a number of environmental education efforts in our local communities.

School Assemblies and Workshops
Children - from elementary up to high school - wondering about what items can be recycled, what happens to items that are recycled and the products that result, learn about all of these facts and New Jersey’s recycling laws through our informative school assemblies or workshops. Our community relations team conducts PowerPoint presentations to teach students about the dos and don’ts of recycling in our "Recycling 101" program and gives them resources to find out more information on their own.

A program developed by Waste Management for elementary school children. EarthSavers guides them through a series of fun activities that tracks their recycling activities at home, helps them identify energy conservation activities they and their families engage in, shows them how recycling and energy conservation preserves our natural resources and explains new recycling terms and ideas to them.
Through these projects and other activities such as environmental-themed coloring books or puzzles, young students can gain a better understanding of how their actions impact our environment and what they can do to make a positive difference.

Facility Tours
Seeing our operations in action helps students of all ages better understand what happens after you place an item in your trash or recycling bin. At Waste Management's Recycle America facilities, students have the opportunity to see what happens once our trucks bring recyclables for processing.

We are happy to host school groups, Boy and Girl Scout troops or other community organizations with children who are interested in learning about waste management and the environment.  For tour information and other educational services, please contact our customer service center at 1-800-633-9096.