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Additional Services

Think Green from Home®
Think Green from Home® Recycling Kits provides a safe and convenient way to recycle items from your home that may be hazardous and cannot go in the trash, such as: CFL light bulbs, used batteries, electronics, and used syringes and lancets from at home medical devices.  Simply order the recycling kit online, setup and pack the recyclable materials according to the guidelines, mail back, and receive confirmation of recycling via email! 
Visit to order your kit! 

Fluorescent Bulb and Battery Recycling
Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, which is a regulated waste at federal and state levels.  When lamps are broken, either when being handled or when in storage, they release mercury that can potentially put employees-and your company-at risk. 

Waste Management’s LampTracker recycling program provides a safe and cost-effective way to manage this often overlooked environmental health hazard.  Our exclusive, patent –pending Mercury VaporLok packaging reduces the risk of mercury exposure for employees and carriers during collection, storage, and shipment, thus reducing liability.  Our LampTracker services are also available for the safe and responsible recycling of used batteries and ballasts. 

Learn more about LampTracker®.

MedWaste Tracker
When it comes to handling used needles, other medical “sharps,” and other forms of regulated medical waste, our MedWaste Tracker program provides a comprehensive, practical solution to ensure that your medical waste is properly managed and destroyed to protect the environment, the public, and your employees. 

With this affordable solution, you can safely dispose of a variety of forms of medical waste.  We provide all the supplies you need to contain and treat these materials and all the components required by the U.S. Postal Service for documented destruction.  Simply fill the containers, seal the containers in the provided box with prepaid postage, and schedule a pickup time that is convenient for you. 

We will treat and dispose of your waste and keep all the required records for you. 

To learn more about how MedWaste Tracker can help your organization, please call 866.931.6321.

Electronics Recycling
Electronic waste material is the fastest growing waste segment in North America with more than two million tons generated annually in the United States alone.  We offer a full range of eCycling services that include: end-of-life equipment processing, product refurbishment and reuse, certified data destruction. 

To make recycling your electronic equipment fast and effortless, we will deliver a Gaylord-style container that can hold up to 600 pounds of e-scrap.  Just fill up the container, then go online or call us to schedule a pickup.  Once your scrap material has been recycled, you will receive a Certificate of Recycling via email.  It’s that simple!

Contact 866-WMeCycl (866-963-2925).   

WM E-Scrap is a service to help you maintain compliance.  The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has placed a ban on electronic waste being disposed of as garbage effective January 1, 2011.  For more information click @  DEP

When you take on a project, the Bagster® can take on the waste.  Waste Management’s new Bagster® Dumpster in a Bag® can take on up to 3300 pounds of as much waste and debris as you can throw in it.  It is ideal for jobs like: small renovations and remodeling, home and garage cleanup, concrete and stone work, landscaping. 

Bagster® is ready when you are!  Buy in your local home improvement store whenever you need it, store until you’re ready to start your project, go online or call to schedule and pay for pickup at your convenience! 

Find a local Bagster retailer.