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Food & Organics Recycling

Currently, Americans throw away more than 25 percent of the food we prepare.  Food and organics compromises the third largest solid waste category, but it is generally not recycled. 

As the largest recycler in North America, Waste Management is committed to growing recycling.  In accordance with this pledge to long-term environmental stewardship, Waste Management of New Jersey is now offering the collection of food and organics recycling to our commercial customers.

The basic premise is simple: food and organics will be source-separated on site, will be collected by a truck specially designed to handle organics, and will be disposed of at an organic processing/recycling facility where it will be composted and used for fertilizer.

By taking organics to an organic processing/recycling facility, recycling comes full circle right here in the state of New Jersey!

For more information about Food and Organics Recycling, contact your WM representative or 1.800.633.9096.