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Single Stream Recycling

Single Stream Recycling is a technology that allows participants to place all of their recyclables—such as fiber (newspaper, office paper and cardboard) and non-fiber or commingled (plastic and glass bottles, steel and aluminum cans)—into a single container for subsequent collection, processing and remarketing.  There is no sorting of materials into separate bins and no use of multiple collection vehicles!  That means less noise and less truck traffic in your neighborhoods!   

The simplicity of a single cart and the program’s ability to accommodate a wider range of materials allows customers to collect, on average, 30 percent more recyclables compared to previous dual- or multi-stream programs.   In addition, Single Steam Recycling contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide and methane emissions, which are gases linked directly to climate change. 

Single Stream Recycling is available for commercial services and most residential and municipal services.  

Solid Waste

Waste Management of New Jersey provides solid waste collection services to thousands of customers across the state ranging from individual homeowners, to municipalities, to major commercial and industrial sites. 

Did you know?
The average person creates about 4.4 pounds of trash a day.  That equates to about 19,157 tons of trash a day in New Jersey!