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Residential Recycling Q & A

Accepted Recyclables

  • Q: I would like to order a recycling cart. How do I get one?
    A: Call 866-654-6202 - (Tuesday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM - 12:00 NOON)
    Email - - We will need your name, address and phone #
    Visit our local office at 101 Spruce Street

  • Q: When will it be delivered? 
    A: Sometime during the first couple of weeks in December.

  • Q: What will the cart look like? 
    A: Exactly like your garbage cart, but it will have a black lid and have a sticker on the top that will identify the acceptable items to be recycled.

  • Q: What can I put in the recycling Bin?
    A: On the lid of the recycling container there will be a list of the acceptable materials that may be placed in the cart.

  • Q: When do I put the cart out for collection? 
    A: You will be receiving a recycling calendar when the cart is delivered. It will indicate the first day that you may place your recycling cart out. It will be on the same day of the week that your trash is collected but will be on an every other week collection schedule. 

  • Q: Will I be charged for this service?
    A: Yes, the City of Farmington will be raising rates by $ 4.70 per month effective January 1, 2009. Total solid waste fees will be $14.80 per month.

  • Q: I have heard that there is an exemption from this fee if you qualify as low income. What is that all about?
    A: For those customers, who are low-income and would like to be exempt from the curbside recycling charge, they must first qualify for LIHEAP and their account will then be exempted from the curbside recycling charge. The "LIHEAP" program is administered by New Mexico Human Services Department - Income Support - Please call their office at 101 West Animas - (505) 566-9600

  • Q: Is recycling mandatory?
    A: No.

  • Q: Will I be charged if I choose not to recycle?
    A: Yes, the City of Farmington will be raising rates to all residents and businesses to pay for the costs of the program. 

  • Q: Why can't I recycle glass?
    A: You can still recycle glass at the Farmington recycling center on Orchard. But because of breakage we are not collecting glass in the curbside program.

  • Q: Who gets to participate in the program?
    A: Curbside recycling is only offered inside city limits and only to residential, single unit homes up to and including four-plex housing units.