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Our waste management experts work with you and your business to create a custom compost program to:

  • Meet your needs
  • Increase garbage diversion
  • Protect the environment
  • Save you money

Begin your service today. Contact customer service (details in the contact box above right).

For your compost guidelines, please see the document (to your right).

Free start-up kit

All new compost customers are eligible for a free start-up kit. It includes everything your business needs to start compost collection including:

  • Indoor collection containers
  • Educational posters and decals
  • Staff training and assistance

Yard debris compost options

Food scraps from businesses go to an anaerobic digestion facility that cannot process yard debris.

If you have yard debris, you can:

  • Set up a yard debris service with us.

    We can provide you with a separate container for you to collect yard debris and it will be taken to an appropriate compost facility. Please Contact customer service to find out more (details in the contact box above right).
  • Place yard debris in your garbage container.