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Please place your garbage roll cart at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your garbage day.

Find your collection schedule here.

Your service

Waste Management provides you with the following garbage collection options:

  • Every other week
  • Every four weeks
  • On-call

We offer garbage service in 20, 35, 60, and 90-gallon roll carts, or a 32-gallon can.

Begin your service today. Contact customer service (details in the contact box, above right).

Tip: Service is optional for owner-occupied residences. Landlords must provide a minimum service of 20 gallons, collected every other week.

For your garbage guidelines, please see the document (to your right).

Placing your garbage roll cart

  • Please place your garbage roll cart within three feet of the curb.
  • Place the container with the lid opening facing towards the street.
  • After collection, please remove all containers from the street as soon as possible.

Tips to keep everyone safe and avoid fees:

  • Place carts where they do not obstruct the sidewalk and are not hidden behind parked cars.
  • Securely bag loose, dusty, and granular materials before putting them in the roll cart.
  • Your regular service does not include extra cans, bags, or bundles. Additional bags and bundles may incur fees.
  • Please adhere to the weight limit.

Weight Limit

Item Weight Limit
20 Gallon Roll Cart Weight Limit 35 lbs.
32 Gallon Garbage Can Weight Limit 55 lbs.
35 Gallon Roll Cart Weight Limit 85 lbs.
60 Gallon Roll Cart Weight Limit 135 lbs.
90 Gallon Roll Cart Weight Limit 175 lbs.

Additional collection needs

Please Contact customer service for the following additional needs (details in the contact box, above right).

  • Extra garbage

    If you often have extra garbage, you may want to increase your garbage container size to avoid overflow and extra garbage charges.
  • Bulky items

    Bulky items like mattresses, appliances, console televisions and furniture can be picked up by special arrangement.
  • Temporary garbage services

    Large containers are available for temporary projects such as remodeling and construction.

Please DO NOT put these items in your garbage

Please contact customer service for disposal options (details in the contact box, above right).

  • Hazardous waste
  • Electronics
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Medical waste (including needles and syringes)