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Graham Road Recycling and Disposal

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We are proud to serve customers in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

Our safe and environmentally sound facility provides you with:

  • Safe, professional, and reliable disposal services
  • Overlapping environmental protection systems that meet or exceed rigorous state and federal regulations

As a limited purpose facility, we accept construction and demolition debris, industrial waste, and special waste. We do not accept municipal solid waste (MSW), residential household waste, or hazardous waste.

Visit us today. For more information please contact us (details in the contact box, above right).

We accept:

  • Asbestos (friable and non-friable)
  • Industrial and special waste
  • Tires
  • Construction and demolition debris (C&D)

We do NOT accept:

  • Batteries
  • NORM
  • Explosives waste containing free liquid
  • Hazardous waste
  • Yard waste
  • Medical waste (untreated)

We provide recycling services for:

  • Asphalt
  • Cardboard
  • Concrete
  • Heavy plastics
  • Metal
  • Wood

For information about hazardous waste disposal visit the Waste Management Chemical Waste Northwest page here.

Our community

We are proud to be an active supporter of community events and programs that make our area a cleaner and healthier place to live, work, and play.

Graham Road has made 25 acres available to the West Plains Little League Association for the future development of a six-field baseball complex to serve young athletes and their families.

Our facility also supports the following events, charities, schools, and service groups:

  • Cheney High School All Night Graduation Party
  • Cheney High School Baseball
  • Heart Walk
  • Medical Lake Athletics
  • Rebuilding Together
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • West Plains Chamber of Commerce

Facility details

Graham Road Recycling and Disposal is part of the Waste Management Landfill Group.

Containment design

Our system protects the environment by ensuring that all waste is contained and isolated from soil and groundwater. The site's multi-layer composite liner system is built to strict engineering standards, using a two-foot clay bottom and 60-mile, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner. The final cap includes a soil foundation, a 40-mil HDPE liner, drainage and soil layers, and a vegetative cover.

Groundwater monitoring

Groundwater is monitored by 14 monitoring wells (four up-gradient and ten down-gradient). Monitoring results are submitted to the Spokane Regional Health District and the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Leachate collection and treatment

All waste cells have a leachate collection and removal system, which includes an automated pumping system that maintains sump levels below regulatory standards. Leachate is collected and managed in double-lined evaporation ponds.

Waste approval process

Waste Management has a defined waste screening protocol for each of its non-hazardous waste facilities, which protects both our employees and the environment. For all industrial and special waste streams, the generator or agent must complete a Generator's Non-Hazardous Waste Profile (available online at for review by our technical staff.