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Waste Management Plastics Recovery

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Facility details

How plastics arrive at the facility:

  • All materials arrive by truck at the Waste Management site in Hillsboro, where employees at our LEED Gold certified facility process the plastics into small pieces.
  • Then, the plastics are transported by truck to the Waste Management Plastics Recovery facility in North Portland.

What the facility does:

  • Utilizes a new green technology that turns a traditional waste stream into a value stream
  • Converts difficult to recycle plastics including dirty plastic bags, computer cases and even broken plastic toys into crude oil

How it works:

Many plastics today are difficult to recycle because they are made of mixed materials or they are dirty or greasy from use in manufacturing. This new technology recovers oil from hard-to-recycle plastics, generating crude oil for use in gasoline, low-sulfur diesel, inks and printing supplies, and even new plastics. The technology is anaerobic thermal reclamation, which uses an oxygen-free chamber and heat to process the plastics.