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Forest Grove

Transfer Station

MATERIALS AND FEES - Effective July, 2015
Garbage $62.00
Car, small truck or SUV
Van or pickup
Pickup and Trailer
$104.00 per ton
Other vehicle types; $75.00 minimum
Passenger Tires
Tires with over a 16" rim size are not accepted
Off rim
On rim
Appliances must be free of Freon, coolants or compressors. Certificate of evacuation from a certified technician is required on appliances that have contained Freon or coolants.
Mixed Recyclables NO CHARGE
Glass Bottles and Jars NO CHARGE
Automotive Batteries
No broken or leaking batteries
Motor Oil
Limit of 5 gallons; place in clean, leak proof container


Mixed recycling includes:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass

For more details on your mixed recycling guidelines, please see PDF (to your right).

Electronics recycling

  • Electronics are accepted for recycling at the Forest Grove Transfer Station.
  • Electronics are banned from disposal as garbage in the State of Oregon, so please bring your electronics to the transfer station, or another disposal facility.
  • Bring up to seven working or non-working laptops, computers, computer monitors and peripherals (keyboards, mice, printers etc.) for free recycling.

Paint Recycling

Paint is not accepted at the Forest Grove Station. For recycling locations and additional information, visit

Other Recyclables

For recycling options for materials not accepted at the transfer station, visit