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Transfer Station

Welcome, we are proud to serve you, and our community.

Sandy Transfer Station serves Clackamas County and is operated by Waste Management.

Garbage: Fee Minimim
Light Waste or General Garbage
(per cubic yard)
$18.00 $18.00
Light can – 32 Gallon $6.00 ea $18.00
<1=3 Cans
Heavy Waste or Demo Debris
(per cubic yard)
$35.00 $21.00
Heavy Can – 32 Gallon $9.00 ea $21.00
<=2 Cans
Tires On rim Off rim
Passenger/Lt Truck <=16” $3.85 ea $2.50 ea
Large Truck/Trailer 17”- 21” $14.50 ea $8.50 ea
Tires over 21” Inquire Inquire
Furniture, Appliances: - -
Refrigerators, Freezers, Air conditioners
– even if refrigerant is removed
$20.00 ea NA
Stuffed Chair/Recliner/ Love seat or Couch $12.00 ea NA
Sectional or Hide a bed $17.00 ea NA
Twin Mattress $12.00 ea $12.00 Set
Full/Double Mattress $12.00 ea $17.00 Set
Queen Mattress $16.00 ea $24.00 Set
King Mattress $17.00 ea $25.00 Set

How do I transport a load to the station?

All loads must be secured and covered to prevent litter and highway hazards.

A fee of $10.00 will be charged for an unsecured load.

Tips to keep everyone safe and avoid fees:

  • Use a tarp that will completely cover your trailer or truck bed.
  • At least four inches should overlap the sides, front, and back of your load.
  • Tightly secure the tarp with ropes, bungee cords, netting, or straps.
  • Put lighter items at the bottom of the load.
  • When transporting large items, make sure they are tied down and secured to the truck or trailer so they don't move.
  • Don't overload. Keep material level with the truck bed or trailer.
  • Before leaving the transfer station, remove any loose material that may remain in the trailer or truck bed.

Mixed recycling includes:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass

For more details on your mixed recycling guidelines, please see PDF (to your right).

Electronics recycling

  • Electronics are accepted for recycling at the Sandy Transfer Station.
  • Electronics are banned from disposal as garbage in the State of Oregon, so please bring them to the transfer station, or another other accepted disposal facility.

Scrap metal

  • Scrap metal may include laundry washers, laundry dryers, dishwashers, hot water heaters, metal doors, bicycles, lawnmowers, barbeques, and more.
  • All liquids must be removed from scrap metal.
  • Propane tanks are not accepted.


  • Motor oil is accepted. No other automotive fluids are accepted.
  • Cooking oil is accepted.


  • Wires may include christmas lights, extension cords, household wiring, and more.


  • Vehicle lead acid batteries are the only batteries accepted at this transfer station.

Items NOT accepted

Please see more details below on disposing of these items.

    Hazardous waste
    Sewage/sewage sludge
    Liquids (over 25-gallons)
    Oil-based paint
    Hydraulic oil
    Dead animals

    Needles and syringes
    Fluorescent light ballasts
    Sealed drums
    Solid motor oil or grease
    Propane tanks

Additional recycling and hazardous waste disposal

Please contact Metro.