Community Partner

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We are a large company with facilities that span the North American continent.  But when it comes to delivering our services, we're a local business.  We provide our services to more than 20 million customers, but we do it one city, one neighborhood, one business, one home at a time.  This makes us an integral part of every community where we operate.  At WM, our communities are just as important as our customers and employees.  And we value partnerships we have formed with our neighbors.

As a company, we are continuously looking for innovative, newer and better ways to provide our customers with the environmental solutions they demand.  We expect the same from the community partners that we work with as we work together to improve communities by making them safer, cleaner and better places to live and work - and in an environmentally sustainable way.

We value national partnerships that support the numerous problem-solving initiatives at the local level to protect the environment, support environmental education, foster community restoration and beautification, and meet other community needs.

WM focuses its efforts on partnering with our communities through:

  • Volunteering our services
  • Lending our support to be a part of local problem solving initiatives
  • Supporting local involvement
  • National Partners
  • Charitable Giving
  • Educational Resources