Safety Today

Jeff Martin writes about 100 Days of Summer Safety


Some folks think it is hot in Texas. But let me tell you, my fellow Texans could learn a thing or two about REAL heat from the intense competition now simmering across Waste Management. The 2014 Summer Safety Challenge is well underway, and many of our field teams are setting new records for their summertime focus on safety.


The heavy lifting for the summer challenge is always done by our talented field managers and highly trained WM employees. This year, technicians, drivers and operators from across the enterprise are pulling out all the stops and having lots of fun while they get creative with the ultimate goal of safer operations companywide. My compliments to the many strong performers — It has truly been an impressive display!


The theme for this year’s program is safety accountability within our operations, and that message seems to be resonating loud and clear with teams across the company. But I must confess it certainly helps the cause to have almost two dozen field generals who are prepared to deliver nothing less than ultimate victory! I am of course referring to our Area Safety Managers — individuals who always reject notoriety but continually deliver excellence in all they do for their Waste Management colleagues. How lucky we are to have them!


For the next several weeks, field teams will learn more on exactly “how” accountability influences safe behaviors at Waste Management by focusing on personal, peer and management accountability within their respective operations. I encourage all employees to join in the fun. Take a long look around your corner of the company and determine what you and your coworkers can do to promote safer operations. Let’s look out for each other and make the summer of 2014 the safest on record! Thanks for all that you do.