12 Days of Holiday Health Tips

With so much attention on healthcare this year, now’s the time to put
current events into action by focusing on your own wellbeing this
holiday season. So, read through our 12 Days of Holiday Health.

1. Wash your hands.

This helps prevent you from contracting contagious illnesses and also eliminates the need for you to
wipe your hand on your shirt before shaking someone else’s hand (a holiday party faux pas).

2. Stay warm.

Believe it or not, cold temps can cause health problems if left unchecked, so throw on that
hideous looking Rudolph sweater.

3. Manage stress.

The holidays can be stressful — especially when you didn’t get the Celine Dion album you
were hoping for — so remember to stay relaxed and positive.

4. Travel safely.

Read Jeff Martin’s column on page 5, and especially don’t drink and drive.

5. Be smoke free.

To get started, call a Get Well Guide at 800-862-3558.

6. Fasten seat belts.

A seat belt can save your life so do it at all times.

7. Get exams and screenings.

Know what tests you should have done and at what age. Also think about your family’s history and how
it could affect your health. If you’re taking time off this year, maybe schedule a quick checkup with your doctor.

8. Make a budget and stick to it.

Money can cause a lot of angst, so list gifts out and evaluate your finances at all times. Also, keep in mind
that a lot of the expensive, “must have” electronics will probably be obsolete by the time Santa’s sleigh
lands at the North Pole.

9. Watch the kids.

If your kids get toys with lots of little pieces, make sure to screen them for choking hazards. Also, don’t step
on them barefooted — that can hurt.

10. Practice fire safety.

Again, read Jeff’s column. Also, never leave stoves, fireplaces or candles unattended.

11. Prepare dinner…safely.

Try to eat in more in lieu of fast food. Just be sure to wash your hands and kitchen surfaces often.

12. Eat well and stay active.

Okay, it’s tempting to eat that entire pumpkin pie, but maybe give fresh fruit a try. Also, never be afraid to break
out those holiday dance moves when the moment strikes you.

Photo credit: theuglysweatershop.com