Safety Today

Employees stay safe for 30 years

Washington, Penn. – In the early hours of Halloween morning, Waste Management’s hauling site in Washington, Penn.,
recognized two employees who have reached an impressive milestone. Helpers Mike Ardeno and Don Leonard have
been working for Waste Management for more than 30 years and during that time they’ve never had an accident or injury.

“Mike and Don exemplify the work ethic we would like to see in all of our employees”, said Rich Mogan, district manager
at Washington Hauling. “Their work is steady and consistent, which contributes greatly to our success at this site.”

The site and management team also recognized 13 other drivers and helpers who have gone five and ten years
accident and injury free. All are pictured.

Photo: (L-R, back row) Pat DeSimone, senior district manager; Tom Higgins, area safety manager; Dave Balbierz,
market area vice president; Rich Mogan, district manager; Jack Conner, market area director of collection
operations. (Front row) Don Leonard, helper; Mike Ardeno, helper.