52 Customer Stories

#31 - WM Cares representative exceeds expectations


Phoenix – When long-time customer Donley Watkins wanted to resume ownership of a renter’s WM account, he ran into some unexpected snags. He sought help, and fortunately connected with Victoria Romero of the WM Cares team. Victoria jumped in and, by partnering with teammates across WM, was able to exceed the customer’s expectations. She established a new account, contacted the driver to add the new account and stayed in touch with the customer at every step.


This prompted Watkins to write, “We are writing to thank Victoria for her excellent customer service this morning. Then, after all this great service, Victoria gave us tickets to see the new Transformers movie! Great customer service. I really appreciate all the assistance with the account and a cheerful voice at the other end of the phone, especially so early in the morning. Thank you all.”