“You Are Driving a Billboard” 

Norfolk, Va. Just before 8:30 a.m. one day last month, Norfolk resident Ken Golski was riding his bike to work. As he approached an intersection with a red light, a Waste Management truck overtook his bicycle and pulled in front of him. The near-miss accident caused Golski to write to WM.

Golski said, “I do not formally complain often and am generally extremely tolerant, but an issue occurring this morning does not allow me to sit idly by without notifying WM. I am sorry to have written this letter, as it has taken time from my day as well as yours. But hopefully by my taking these moments to do so, WM and the safety of the public in general, will be that much better off.”

After talking with Golski about the incident, Hampton Roads District Manager Gary Kelly reminded his drivers not only of the importance of being 100% Focused 100% of the Time, but also that “safety is our number one priority at Hampton Roads Hauling. We used this near-miss incident to further our operators’ understanding of the daily risks they face and the responsibilities they have on our roadways.”

Kelly also created a poster now hanging in the Hampton Roads break room entitled, “You Are Driving a Billboard” (see photo, above). Kelly said, “I believe that this statement is important to share with all drivers company wide. They truly are the face of Waste Management.”