Need printing? WM’s own Print Center can help

HOUSTON  Tucked into the 44th floor of Waste Management’s headquarters building in Houston is the WM Print Center. Opened in 2005, it operates 12 hours a day, Monday through Friday, churning out booklets, banners, binders, sales and training materials,  posters, and other finished products for a range of Waste Management locations, projects and promotions.

The recently upgraded equipment is completely digital, offering both black and white and full-color copying and printing. As well, all types of binding, tabs, lamination or shrink wrapping is offered. Shipping can be through interoffice mail or via UPS.  Intercompany billing and interoffice mailing also helps keep the costs down.

“The WM Print Center can save our districts and offices money on their printing needs,” said Bonnie Simmons, manager of facilities. “We are familiar with WM brand standards and logos and have the ability to print on demand eliminating the need to warehouse documents off-site or print excess inventory”

To submit a job to the Print Center, contact or if it’s a rush, call 713-328-7425.

PHOTO: WM Print Center employees (L-R) Nancy Cornett, Dawn Jenkins, Mark Rasmussen, Claudia Valenzuela, and Isabel Ramos